Crypto Investments.

We provide carbon estimates for investments in cryptocurrencies and technologies such as Blockchain and DLT.

Services We Provide

We at the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institue provide a variety of services for issues concerning the environmental impact of cryptocurrency investments.

Team Members

Our team consists of renowned scientists in the area of

climate change, environmental sustainability, computer science and cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Christian Stoll

Christian Stoll conducts research at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Center for Energy Markets of the Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on the implications of climate change from an economic point of view.

Lena Klaaßen

Lena Klaaßen has a background in Management and Technology with a particular focus on finance, power engineering and energy markets. She has conducted research on carbon accounting in the corporate and cryptocurrency space at TUM and MIT. Previously, she has analyzed blockchain-related firms for a venture capital fund. She now focuses on research in the field of climate finance at ETH Zurich.

Ulrich Gallersdörfer

Ulrich Gallersdörfer is a research associate in the Department of Informatics at the Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on identity management in blockchains. His interest extends to further aspects of the technology, ranging from environmental implications to data analytics applications.


Below we provide a list of our published research, research currently under review or working papers.

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